Pay Per Click Management

In today’s time, the use of online marketing to promote businesses or products is becoming much more than traditional marketing. And there are many valid reasons behind this. One main reason is that people have started spending all their time on Facebook, Google, Youtube and instagram. Now when people are online, why not do business with those people for your product online and tell those people about your product and service. You can do more conversion rate in online marketing rather than traditional marketing because online you can do marketing in more targeted way. So that’s why online marketing has become the first choice of all business people today. And in online marketing, Paid Advertisement by Google (PPC) is a very popular and effective method.

What’s Included In Our PPC Services

Through PPC advertising you will get good traffic leads and sales. PPC is a cost-effective and targeted audition can be drive on website.
So that you get more clients for the business. When you hire our company for your PPC campaign, you’ll get:

Competitor Analysis

We will analyze you product or services areas, competitors who investing in PPC, search volumes, search terms for your products or services.

Custom, Data-Driven Ads

Keyword research to find targeted audience from particular location to make high performing ad, conducting competitor analysis.

PPC Ad Tracking & Analytics

Tracking click-through rate, leads, calls, and sales, average ad positions by campaign, optimizing cost-per-click, Attributing revenue to each paid campaign.

PPC Campaign Management

Monitoring keyword search queries, average position, bids for each campaign, click through rates, cost per clicks and campaign improvement.

Paid Search Campaigns

Specific landing page design and optimization, display ads campaign, remarketing campaigns, paid search and SEO campaign, campaign based on search queries in search engines.

Multiple Platforms PPC

Search Engine Ads campaign management includes Google, Bing and Google local. Paid social media marketing campaign includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest.

Why PPC (pay per click) is important.

After all, why do we need to advertise by paying money online? Why PPC is very important for marketing our online business?

Targeted Visitors

When you do business online, you not only need traffic, but your product requires a maximum amount of targeted traffic. And through PPC advertisement you get targeted traffic in a very short time. However, for this you must pay some money to Google. Although you can also take targeted traffic through SEO, but it takes a lot of time to get traffic through SEO and through PPC you can get instant traffic.

Cost Effective

If you promote your business offline then you have to invest a lot for it but if you do marketing through paid advertisement i.e. PPC, then you can get a very good result in very low cost very quickly.However, some people waste money in PPC advertising model. The reason for this is that they do not hire proper agency and fails to make proper strategy. If you do not run an online paid ad campaign with a proper strategy, then you definitely waste your money. But if you start from a small budget in starting and then start the second campaign by analyzing the output of your first campaign in a full way, then you get 100% very good output.

Remarketing and Retargeting

If you want to get maximum conversion, then you can re-market and re-targeting your campaign, which is the best way to increase the conversion rate. From PPC campaign we can run re-marketing and re-targeting campaign when a user comes to our website and see the product, but do not make a purchase, and then we can show them the same product again.

PPC helps in other digital marketing channels.

  • When you create a google search ad campaign, you use a lot of keywords, which also helps you in SEO, you get to know which type of keywords are working for your website.
  • You can install your mobile app through PPC advertising, which helps in your mobile marketing.
  • Through PPC you can increase your email signup list, which helps in your email marketing.
  • PPC is very best for your local SEO. Through PPC people can contact you directly, as well as see the products and service in your local area.

Satisfied Customers

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